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Automate your lead generation, delight your existing clients and reduce the admin burden on your entire team with these ten marketing automation plays for accountants and bookkeepers. 


Marketing Automation Playbook

The Marketing Automation Playbook

There are a lot go handy guides out there that explain marketing automation and the various ways you can use it in your business. But none of them give you specific plays that you can implement immediately — and none of them are designed entirely for accountants and bookkeepers. 

In this eBook, you'll get marketing automation tactics for lead generation, client expansion and retention. We'll explain how to generate content that converts, automate your annual client reviews and how to use data to segment and prioritise your leads. 


The Marketing Automation Insights Inside:

  • How to use a newsletter and automated workflows to increase leads

  • How to produce gated content like eBooks and Guides and promoting them on social media to establish you and your brand as a reputable thought leader

  • How to manage your entire lead and sales pipeline using lifecycle and deal stages, so that you and your team know which leads are likely to convert and how to convert them. 

  • How to use conversational marketing on your website to engage with leads at exactly the right time

  • How to use webinars and videos to onboard, educate and upsell your existing clients

  • The basics of progressive profiling, lead scoring and lead nurturing

  • and many more...

We have been using the Markezing Services for almost two years and the results have been simply amazing. Our business is generating warm leads in a cost-efficient manner where our conversion rates from our leads are exceeding 80%. We get very few tire kickers only genuinely interested future clients. Thanks, Markezing for helping us grow our business not only in Australia but across the globe."
Michael Kirby
XO Accounting, Australia